Management and Reutilization of Organic Solid Waste

The management and reutilization of organic solid waste are essential processes for promoting environmental sustainability and reducing the negative impact of waste on the environment. BioFeed Ventures aims to solve the phenomenon of poorly managed organic waste, which causes visual, soil, air, and groundwater pollution. In Mozambique, we have an organic waste collection coverage of about 24% which causes waste to accumulate. Our solution to this problem will enable us to produce high-value protein for the animal feed industry, which is also a major concern in the country as most protein used in animal feed is imported. Proper management of organic solid waste not only reduces environmental impact, but can also generate economic and social benefits, such as job creation in sectors related to recycling and waste treatment, as well as improving soil quality and promoting sustainable agriculture in Mozambique.

Insect Farm Management

BioFeed Ventures is a pioneer in insect farming which is an emerging technology in the waste treatment process.

Animal Feed Production: Larvaes have high protein and fat content. As a result, they are an excellent source of feed for farm animals such as poultry, fish, and pigs. Replacing some of the plant protein in animal feed with fly larvae can be a sustainable and cost-effective approach.

Bioremediation: Black soldier fly larvae can consume even waste that other animals cannot easily break down, such as food processing waste. This can be beneficial for bioremediation processes, where the removal of toxic waste from the environment is required.

Production of Bioplastics and Other Products: In addition to protein, maggots can also be used to produce fats and oils that can be converted into bioplastics, industrial chemicals, and other materials.

Consulting in Geomatics

Geomatics has become increasingly relevant in the Mozambican market mainly in agriculture, natural resources management and environmental management. BioFeed Ventures is specialized in the following services:

  • Geodesy;
  • Photogrammetry
  • Topographic Survey;
  • Remote Sensing;
  • Digital and Environmental Cartography;
  • Spatial Analysis;
  • Geoprocessing;
  • Terrain Modeling;
  • Cadasters, registration and land management;
  • Environmental Impact Studies;
  • Database programming;
  • Hydrographic surveys with MULTIFEIXE

We also offer the sale and rental of topographic equipment and high precision surveying equipment.

For up-skilling of professionals we offer:Training and professionalized short courses.

Management of Agricultural Promotion Networks

BioFeed Ventures is a company that was founded to bring solutions to the problem of food insecurity in Mozambique and integrating local communities into the production chain, working to reduce food loss and waste throughout the value chain.

Our vision is to strengthen communities and boost local development by providing agricultural technical assistance to producers in local communities to create sustainable solutions that also meet their needs.

From supporting education to promoting entrepreneurship to increasing family income, we are committed to making a difference wherever we are present as well as managing networks to promote cash crops for the population.


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